Pretty little liars is a tv serie that talks about 5 girls (Hanna, Spencer, Aria, Emily and Alison) who are stalked by "A".

We don't know who "A" is but in this season 6 we are going to discover it, we only know he is a man.

In season 5 we got to know that he was probably Alison's brother.

The 5 girls were kidnapped by A, he brought them in an house into the woods.

In this trailer we can see one of them alone and the others looking for a way out but it's impossible to escape. They don't talk too much but there is a worring background music which scares the hell out of us and also quick images that don't let us understand what will happen, leaving us lots of questions.


Made by: Alessia Salvati Roberta Magnanelli

There is a man that wants to replace all the bests football players in the world. He thinks that real players are unpredictable and wild, so he decides to create clones with greater skills, greater energy, enhanced capabilities; this man wants to expand this type of "sport" with cyborgs all over the world. The real football players fell hopeless and for a period they quit playing and get "normal jobs". One day Ronaldo, an "old" player, decides to report the real football in the world, saying to the real players that they have to play with the heart and to show the world how much they are worth. Ronaldo takes all the best players in the actually places where the players were working and he gives them back their "uniform". Finally there is a big match with the real players versus the clones; after a tough match real players became again the best in the world and people know that clones never can replace real men.

Made by: Leonardo Tarani, Filippo Cavalli

This spot is very effective because after having seen it, you would go immediately to a supermarket to buy Coca Cola.The message that this spot sends to us is the best message possible: it isn't important how many bad things happen in the world, there are so many good things that can make us happy, and lots of things that can make this world..a better world! A very impressive scene is that one about corrupt people,because is a reality too much diffused in the world,and it's the reason of lot of bad things,for example the number of unemployed that every day grows up..but this spot,says to us: Smile,whatever happens.
Cocuccioni Giada e Tanilli Anna

Fast and Furious is a saga and this one is the last film. It's an action film and the cast is formed by Paul Walker , Vin Diesel , Kurt Russell, Jordana Brewster and others.
The film is famous because Paul Walker died during the shots of the film and for this reason they used computers to finish the film, assuming Paul's brother as a substitute.
The language used in this film is a little bit rude and they use a lot of bad words because it fits well in action films.
In the trailer we can see that in a lot of scenes we will see car chases as in the previous films of the saga. There is also a scene with a funeral but we don't know who died. The place where the fights are placed is Dubai and the soundtrack is very famous, it's called "See you again" by Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth and like the film it is dedicated to Paul Walker.
To watch the trailer click on this link----> __
And for the soundtrack... ---> BOOM! __
by Damiana Ballarin & Nicola Miccadei

Insurgent is the sequel of Divergent.
Divergent is a movie which talks about the story of a girl and her city.
The city is divided in 5 factions:
Erudite: The intelligent.
Abnegation: The selfless.
Amity: The peaceful.
Candor: The honest.
Dauntless: The brave.
When all the girls and boys of the city turn 18, they have to pass a test and with this test the people in power will decide their faction.
The main character is a girl who passed the test but unlike all the others, she can be part of three different factions at the same time, for this reason she is a Divergent. The society is a sort of absolutism and the people in power are against the divergent because they could subvert the centralized power in any moment.
There is like a ''war'' and up to the first part of the movie, the divergent guys win but… will someone break this peace?
We will find out in the second movie: Insurgent.
The trailer is amazing, it lets us see some battles and it makes us feel like if we are part of it. The music involves us.

Can't wait to watch it.

Martina, Federica, Arianna :-))