A footprint on the web.

This wiki is a collaborative environment where:

  • you will find a guide to structure and realize videotrailers about what you are studying

  • you will be able to put your works.

At school we have been used to cultivate mainly verbal language (essays, oral tests...) and symbolic language (Maths and Science), much less visual and kinesthetic language. Technology and the web let us increase the range of languages we can use, adding value to our education.

Your videos do not need to be perfect like TV spots: they record your learning path and can be creative, beautiful, full of images; you can enrich them with music background, your voice, your schoolmates can watch them and take inspiration from your work.

You share what you do on the web, chat, text each other, watch videos, search: why shouln't it be the same of what you do at school every day?

Being able to "read" the web is as important as being able to "write" it.

I hope this project will interest you and that you will enrich this media library so to leave
many footprints on the web

Prof. Carla Langella